Electrical Design


Circuit schematics


Main circuit


CPU relay connection

cpu connection


CPU DC connection

cpu DC


CPU and Transducer connection


Motor sizing:

weg motor




Maxwell equation

       Maxwell’s equations come from MIT Electricity and Magnetism

1. Sizing electrical component

Including cabinet, controllers, HMI panel, transformers, power supply, soft start, motor, motor contactors, relays, circuit breakers, emergency push button, wiring.

2. PLC programming;
siemens s7-200 cpu226cpu226




auto point control



Timer expansion



On Delay Timer




RS flipflop




rs flipflop nor





Single chip design,

1. Electronic circuit
Includes a transistor circuit, thyristor circuits, integrated circuits (TTL and MOSFET, digital and analog)

IEEE Std 91/91A 与 IEC 60617-12


NAND gate NOR gate XNOR gate XOR gate




       OR gate NOT gate





operation amplifier


2. Single chip programming

3. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) production


programmable multi-axes controller (PMAC)