Project-befroe sales and after sales
    Project management is defined here after the signing a contract normally, the project forward schedule,
  1.        1. Engineering department prepares drawings and BOMs for the production and purchasing department, and long lead time components can be order in advance;

  2.        2 .Purchasing department contacts the venders for the parts on the BOMs. Target for the purchasing is to establish a standardized procurement, making our venders provide the specified parts in time, at minimum pricing to specification of our planning exactly. On the other hand, the purchasing needs to develop venders capable of providing creative solutions, to meet our desires.

  3.        3. Production department can begin processing based on the drawings at this moment; after ordered parts available, equipment assembling can be implemented. Six Sigma is good to adopt in manufacturing to improve the efficiency of production.

  4.        4. After assembly, it will be tested by testing group.

  5.        5. The qualified equipments will be delivered by logistics group.

  6.        6. Engineering Department provides installation party with the specific installations.

  7.        7. Sales services group will handle the commission and follow up the maintenance work in the future.